Getting Hooked on the Net

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everything gets posted online nowadays. Our lives become so revolved around the internet. From sun up to sun down, then sun up again, there are people who do not do anything but be online. Their motto being "Log On, Stay On, Hold On." If they are offline, someone might need to check their homes to see if they are in reality online too.

We go shopping online. Meet friends online. We read books and papers online. We gossip online. We fight online. We get married online. We get divorced online. We listen to music, we watch videos online. We get our degrees online. We browse online. We even make money online. (some of us anyway)

With the exception of having our meals and going to the bathroom which we cannot do online, everything else is done online. That's the magic of the new era in technology.

It's crazy when you think about it. People sitting in front of their browser, not moving their bum for hours end. Now, that's what you call working hard sitting on your butt. 

Come on people, live a little. Go out and fry under the sun a little. Breathe in  some fresh air. 


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