To be an overnight millionaire

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wow, wouldn't that be great. You go to bed, close your eyes without even a thought of getting millions in your possession. Voila! You open your eyes and your banker calls to stay there's a stash of money in your account and he calls to see if you want to use it. I bet you that'd be eeryones dream. 

Months ago, I bought a copy of the infamous "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. This is the must read and must have book that every internet business guru suggested, the one that could help you become a millionaire. 

I have to say it is no the type of book that you pick up and can finish reading in a day's time or even a week's time. Needless to say, if you can't seem to finish the book, it is practically telling you - "Stop daydreaming and start doing your real job!"

There are lots of truth in the book. And lots of self analyzing statements too. It did show that I needed to change my habits and myself first before I can get anywhere. 

One of the things I liked was when Napolean Hill mentioned that you can never ever get "something for nothing". Unfortunately, he is absolutely right. Spot On! There is always something asked in return for something. No matter how you look at it, there is no such thing as easy money, or be a millionaire without doing a single thing.. Are You Delusional? Well, you are not alone though. Even I fell into that trap before. 

The main point is if you are not willing to put your all in whatever investment that you are thinking to pursue, not willing to hang your butt out and work your head off, well, forget about being a millionaire. I read once somewhere that when you get your first million the next millions would be a snap of your fingers.

Sure, who wouldn't want to get rich or become a millionaire overnight? I sure do..if I could. But logically, unless you have to hatch eggs, then you can sit on your bum and wait for your chicks to come to you.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today i want to tell you about the filter my mom in law has and uses in her home. First of, i have to tell you she doesn't use treated water because of poor piping and bad service from the other end. So she opted on using pumped water from her on well. (This is a 20 plus year old well built next to the old 40 plus year old house passed down to her by her father.)

Now, having shared that information with you, when i first came to her house, i personally had doubts about drinking untreated water in my meals and drinks. Then 2 years back, we got her that filter ( Bio Aura High Tech water system). I had my doubts at first.

Then my mom actually used it to the fullest. She filters the water and keeps the filtered water straight into bottles without having to boil it first. I noticed that when she does that, no matter how long she keeps the water, you would never find any sedimentation in the bottle. A sure sign that the filter works. Imagine! It filters untreated well water, with all its little particles of god knows what. And, voila! no sedimentation in unboiled water and boiled water.

I have to say, I am impressed. Even at one time, her well has this unpleasant smell emitting from it (don't ask me what coz I surely don't want to know. One thing for sure it wasn't any kind of dead animal). The filtered water had no unpleasant smell nor after taste to it. So, people. If you need a water filter, get yourself one of this. I highly recommend it..

Hari Raya Open House (MIL version)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Friday, my mother in law had her usual yassin group reading. And she decided to have her Raya Open House at the same time. As usual, my mom in law always says she invited just a few of her friends on top of the usual yassin group members to her house that day.

Well, we started preparing for the event (which was set to begin at 3pm) rather early. When I look back,it seemed it didn't take too long to prepare the dish ( we had Nasi Impit and Lontong that day). Of course, my mother in law had prepared the Nasi Impit a day earlier. She is known in the area to cook fancy and unique dishes.There was a time when she served Nasi Lemak Jepun. It was nasi lemak with extra vegies on top.. And I have to say she is one great cook.

Anyway, to cut things short, everything was ready by 2 pm. Then her yassin groupies came, one by one. Hold and behold, by 3 pm, her normal 20 plus group members had turned into 60 plus people. By 3.30pm, I counted roughly 80 people in the hallway, preparing for the reading. The event began at 3.40pm. and ended around 4.30pm. Then things went crazy.

I was helping in the kitchen to prepare the dishes. We decided not to put out buffets since we weren't prepared for such a big group. Instead we prepared servings of the dish in plates ready to be eaten. To my mom in law's horror, her youngest son (my 18 year old brother in law) invited 5 friends who invited another 5 friends who invited 5 other friends..well you get the picture.. We had more people than food to serve..Never try this at home people. It is a major No-No in any event..

So my mom's younger guest had to be happy with kuih raya and some ketupats served instead. Poor kids..They shouldn't have crashed this party, huh? With that settled, though I think some of my brother in law's friends were somewhat complaining quietly, we turned to the task at hand..making sure the adult guests have enough to eat!!

Safe to say, everyone went home sufficiently fed with the delicious Lontong and some rendang..Even the ones fasting (from the yassin group) had some given to be brought home..Well, there weren't much left for us, family members. Thankfully we had our share of it before the event..Haha! Well, in the end, everyone went home happy and for us, the organizers, extremely tired.. :)

Getting Hooked on the Net

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everything gets posted online nowadays. Our lives become so revolved around the internet. From sun up to sun down, then sun up again, there are people who do not do anything but be online. Their motto being "Log On, Stay On, Hold On." If they are offline, someone might need to check their homes to see if they are in reality online too.

We go shopping online. Meet friends online. We read books and papers online. We gossip online. We fight online. We get married online. We get divorced online. We listen to music, we watch videos online. We get our degrees online. We browse online. We even make money online. (some of us anyway)

With the exception of having our meals and going to the bathroom which we cannot do online, everything else is done online. That's the magic of the new era in technology.

It's crazy when you think about it. People sitting in front of their browser, not moving their bum for hours end. Now, that's what you call working hard sitting on your butt. 

Come on people, live a little. Go out and fry under the sun a little. Breathe in  some fresh air. 


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