Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today i want to tell you about the filter my mom in law has and uses in her home. First of, i have to tell you she doesn't use treated water because of poor piping and bad service from the other end. So she opted on using pumped water from her on well. (This is a 20 plus year old well built next to the old 40 plus year old house passed down to her by her father.)

Now, having shared that information with you, when i first came to her house, i personally had doubts about drinking untreated water in my meals and drinks. Then 2 years back, we got her that filter ( Bio Aura High Tech water system). I had my doubts at first.

Then my mom actually used it to the fullest. She filters the water and keeps the filtered water straight into bottles without having to boil it first. I noticed that when she does that, no matter how long she keeps the water, you would never find any sedimentation in the bottle. A sure sign that the filter works. Imagine! It filters untreated well water, with all its little particles of god knows what. And, voila! no sedimentation in unboiled water and boiled water.

I have to say, I am impressed. Even at one time, her well has this unpleasant smell emitting from it (don't ask me what coz I surely don't want to know. One thing for sure it wasn't any kind of dead animal). The filtered water had no unpleasant smell nor after taste to it. So, people. If you need a water filter, get yourself one of this. I highly recommend it..

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