Kain Batik Sutera anyone?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Went "cuci mata" with a friend today, with my kids in tow. Headache!! And sky high blood pressure i tell you. Anyway, these were some of the kain that caught my eye. The shop does their own batik design so prices are as low as i can get. What you see here is one of a kind. Takde yang serupa..


1. Kain Sutera crepe nina bella - RM 180
 ni portion baju. flower patterns

 ni kain portion.

 there's some flowery patterns at the kaki of the kain. ( warna kain nampak berbeza disebabkan jurukamera kurang profesional :P)

2. Kain Sutera Jelatang - RM 200  (peachy pink)

baju portion.

the kain portion.

3. Kain Sutera Jelatang 2 - RM200 (hijau muda)

this is something similar as the above but different design.

the kain portion..

4. Kain sutera crepe rainbow - RM 280 (pattern terbaru) so the price is quite high. Originally sold at RM 380

ni exclusive design. design untuk baju

ni bahagian kain dia.

( i have to say this one really looks exclusive)

5. The last piece is Kain sutera crepe satin - RM 250

(not for sale - hehehe but negotiable)


Any interested buyers, please sms me (0122347184) and let me know which one you want. Not much kain coz of time and patience constraints..Good thing the owners were kind enough to babysit too!! If you are not in KL, I will be glad to post it to you with no extra charge..

Thank you for dropping by. Maybe next time I'll feature caftans too.. prices of caftans is RM 30 - batik design. The shop also does their own ready made blouses, baju kurung and jubahs from batik.. very2 interesting. but prices are high too.. so far the ones i asked are 200rm above. Highest fetching up to 400rm..



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