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Monday, November 2, 2009

I am a real klutz when it comes to art and crafts.. I seem to remember when i had to do any crafts in school, I personally had help from my teachers. Thank goodness, even though she (my teacher) was a lioness but i guess my "innocent cum idiotic look when it comes to crafts" must have somewhat softened her hard demeanor. :P

Anyway, now at the prime age that i am now, I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to do some sewing or knitting if you please.. Can you believe it? I can't but hello, start knitting i did..

well, my first project - ambitious person that i am, i decided to try and make a childs handbag..hua3x! End product must look like so

I did begin this project of mine a couple of weeks ago, and in a weeks time i managed to get a quarter of the way done. 

By now, it is just halfway finished and i started to get tired of knitting the same patterns over and over i started a side project which was to make a .. umm, i don't know what to call it but here it is 95% done..

I guess for a craft klutz like me, to be able to do something even resembling a bag is a victory.. :P
I suppose I will keep everyone posted on the rest. especially when i am done with the bag. At least I know I can finish something I started..even if it is just knitting or crocheting..


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