My new knitting project

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My bag is still unfinished..don't know why it's harder to continue and get it done. Maybe it's the color that i chose for the bag. (Note to self, next time choose brighter colors.) Started to do a cover for the tv or dvd player, to match the crochet i completed earlier.. It's much easier to do but meticulous in a way because i have to do 64 square pieces and join them all up together.

One piece takes about 30 minutes to do on one sitting but with 4 kids around, one piece will take me about a day..that's like a lot of 5 minutes sitting.

 This was taken a few days ago.. Did this in 3 days thus the 3 pieces..

Good news is the last couple of days were some very good days so i have done up to 9 pieces thus far..and i still have 53 more pieces to go..or less if i decide that the cover would be a lot more smaller than originally intended.
May i have the will to finish this one off before the end of the month..ahak!


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