What you'll find in a woman's handbag...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Again, this was something I received in my mail recently and I felt I just had to share. It is very funny though and it kinda makes you think that it isn't a wonder why men tend to generalize women to a certain extend. To the owners of these pictures, hope you do not mind me borrowing them. Thanks in advance.

Exhibit A -  your average bag with your usual items needed by anyone. Handphones, wallet, pens, pouchers, erasers, a set of keys, notebooks..

Exhibit B - extra content which is a knit kit.. not my handbag though..hahaha

exhibit C - same content..again.

exhibit D - well, some extra stuff that you may find surprising there. yet they may not be a surprise at all...
exhibit E - again same o same o..

exhibit F - the usual stuffs

exhibit G, H, I, J and K below...hehehe.

exhibit L - well, this one is as close as i get to the contents in my bag. Except that I have a pair of baby socks...and some other items ..i could snap a pix of mine but I shall not..:P

Now, the conclusion from all these pictures shows that basically a woman's bag will contain some make up, accessories, their purse, hand phones, pens, keys and paper...any kind of paper if you please.. baby items and some piece of clothing, food and the list may go on and on. 

Which brings our thought to one similar situation - 20 clowns riding in a mini minor in the circus.. 

Now who says we can't perform our own circus act with our bags too...

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