My baby and Cloth Diapers

Monday, December 21, 2009


Alhamdulillah. It's been a few weeks now that my son has been using his Cloth Diapers. I guess this is one product that actually works. It's not hard to wash it, either by machine or by hand. Simply done in a minute.. And if you put it in the washing machine and spin it, it dries really fast. 

When he poops, now I put a nappy liner during the day. Just to make it easier for me to wash off the poop. No extra scrubbing to do. I guess many of us are thinking, What if we go out and use the cloth diapers? Well, truthfully speaking, when we go out with our baby, we seriously don't need the hassle of carrying a wet nappy or a soiled one at that, right? And nobody said to NOT use disposable diapers at all... 

So, when I go out, YES i use a disposable diaper. But when we are at home, i prefer the use of the Cloth Diaper. My son isn't complaining at all...:P


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