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Friday, October 22, 2010

Masa belajar dulu, I had a very strong imagination, rasanya lah. Sebab masa zaman tu, I ingat2 lupa about exchanging letters with a close friend of mine. Letters about letting your imagination run completely wild and crazy.. In ways, many ways, those were my first few wishlists or personal vision statements you may call it. The content?http://www.emocutez.com You'd be calling me silly and nutty if you guys had read it. 

Anyway, ari ni ingat nak share sikit a little of the content from the letter as I remember it. Please keep in mind, this was hand written when I was in my teens ( 14 - 15 years old? ), a long long long long time ago...

"Dear abcdefg, (nama diubah untuk ketenteraman awam)                                                                       How have you been doing? I am incredibly busy running around a jet-setting life right now. You know how it is. Paris today, Venice tomorrow. It's really tiring. But I am having the time of my life. My hubby, Ralphie says Hi. He's taking me out for some fun later and wanted to test drive the new Ferrari we bought yesterday. My kids are all hanging out by the pool as we speak.  Hey, what have you been doing lately? Still driving that old BMW series? Weren't you going to change that old thing like yesterday already? So, how's your loving husband? Four kids running around so soon? Twins and twins huh? ...........
and the letter would go on and on imagining all the dreams you'd have when you were 14 years old. Sometimes our letters would be 3 - 4 pages long with so many details of our imagined life to be. 

I don't know what kids nowadays dream and envision themselves having when they are older but when I was at THAT age, I dreamed that I would be incredibly rich, with the ability to go off on holidays or move around the world with absolute ease and happily married to THE Dream guy (then) with kids.http://www.emocutez.com 

What a mission statement to have at the age of 14. Well, many years later, at this moment, I do have a wonderful spouse and great kids.. sometimes annoyingly so but we are happy in many levels. I am still NOT jet-setting any where but I have been to some places. Not the places I had dreamed off years ago but there is STILL time to MAKE EM happen. So all in all, though my life thus far is not exactly like what I envisioned it to be but I must say, I did fairly well indeed. 

You can't blame a kid to have dreams, can you? 


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