Satu perkataan banyak makna in English.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Did you know that there are several English words that have many meanings? It all depends on how and when you use them.


1. Bar - 5 ways to use the word, 5 different meanings
a. They used the bar to jump across the big drain. (meaning : rod, shaft, stick, pole)
b. Bar the doorway with something so that the thieves can't come in. ( meaning: 
     barricade, block, obstruct)
c. He went to the bar to meet his friends. (meaning: pub, inn, counter serving drinks)
d. The committee barred him from joining in any of their activities. (meaning: 
    exclude, ban, forbid)
e. She just found out that she was accepted into the Bar Council. (meaning: a counsel,  
    body of lawyers, court)

2. easy - 

a. The test was easy. I think I aced it. (meaning: not difficult, piece of cake)
b. Life is easy. (meaning: comfortable, carefree, peaceful)
c. Shamsul is an easy-going guy. (meaning: relaxed,casual)

3. fine -
a. The weather is fine. (meaning: clear, cloudless, sunny)
b. My team did a fine job organizing the event yesterday. (meaning: excellent, 
    exceptional, outstanding)
c. Mom told me that she was feeling fine. (meaning: satisfactory, good, ok)
d. She used plates made of fine China. (meaning: delicate, dainty, expensive, exquisite)
e. The manufacturer had to cut the pieces into fine threads.(meaning: precise,
    accurate, sharp, subtle)
f. The boys thought the lady in front of them looked fine. (meaning: slender, thin)
g. The man was fined for parking his car in a No Park zone. (meaning: punished, penalty)

4. present - 

a. How many people are here at present? (meaning: now, at the moment, here, current)
b. The boy wanted to give his teacher a present. (meaning: gift, token)
c. The MC ( master of ceremony) presented the next celebrity to perform that evening
   (pronounced differently from the above examples. meaning: introduced, exhibit, display)

Well, I think that should be enough examples for today. Just wanted to show how vast the English language is and sometimes when you don't have enough grasp of the language you can definitely get lost and drown in it.

Too many is sometimes too much. 

We'll have another round next time.

ps- the most difficult language to learn is said to be Arabic and French, in that order. So English is just a piece of cake in comparison, right?

pss- next time maybe I'll try to compile the ones that has the most meanings..


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