AirAsia to fly to NZ pulak

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AirAsia lines up New Zealand runway - Yahoo! Malaysia News
The land of the Hobbits and Ogres and the we come!! Bestnya ada AirAsia flight to NZ. I lakk yang excited. Macam leh pegi anytime soon. At least I know I nak try and make it there. It will be on my next years wishlist, amongst other things..It will be way down on that list by the way tapi still on that list. Bila lagi nak gi tengok tempat Hakka originated from. I learned to love rugby ( not a wonder when you have to haul our family to watch the game every weekend for many2 years), learned to appreciate it like any other sports, and of coz the teams playing (individually la). Anyway, all i can say is Yeehaaa!!!

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