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Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Friday night we went out for dinner and thought of trying the new Ani Sup Utara Restaurant near our residence. Not surprising that it was full to the brim. Everyone wanted to try out the new eatery on the block. And seeing that it was opened on a Friday, so everyone felt like dining out.

Well, we did manage to find a table and we sat amidst the bustle in the diner. We waited, and we waited, and we waited some more. The waiter saw us, the cashier saw us. There we were, sitting there, looking at them looking at us. I tried a few times to catch the eyes of the waiter who walked by a few times or walked near our table once or twice. I thought my voice was loud enough, but perhaps not enough to grab their attention.

What truly pissed us off was the fact that another family came in and sat 10 - 15 minutes after we did and was served immediately. That truly ticked my husband over board. so we just walked out. They lost a potential customer, we did not lose anything. 

We went to a mamak restaurant next door, which we also went during their opening day and got served immediately from the first visit until now. In fact that night when we went in, the waiter was already beside our table even before we were done parking our butts down. 

So my thoughts are ' When you are going to be in the customer serving industry, please

1. make sure you acknowledge ALL customers when they walk in.

2. make sure you get someone to greet and serve your customer as soon as possible. Never let your customer fume over your menu.

3. make sure that even when you are having a full house, just quickly inform your customer that you will be with them as soon as possible. Good manners always leave a lasting impression.

4. make sure that on your Opening day, you are NOT short-handed in terms of staff and management, AND that your food supply is more than enough for your customers.

5. make sure that your customers leave your shop happy and satisfied, if not ecstatic and extremely glad they made a stop at your premises. 

Good food AND good service will not only bring return customers, but will also get NEW customers from great reviews from your returning customers even if our customers have to pay a bit more than usual.

So please if you are planning to open up an eatery, be sure your customers won't leave your diner before they order. Bad, bad review. Even if I now have a craving for the food, I don't know when I will walk back in to the restaurant. Certainly not any time soon.

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