English word fun Part 1

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do you realise that some English words when spelled backwards will give the word a different meaning. These words are in a category known as part palindromes or better known as semordnilap (try spelling palindromes backwards?). 

Contoh nya:

1. Live - eviL

2. Pets - steP

3. Lived - deviL

4. Stressed - dessertS

5. Saw - waS

6. Rewarder - redraweR

7. Gateman - nametaG

8. Reviled - deliveR

9. Diaper - repaiD

10. Pots - stoP

I have listed just ten of those words. I wonder if anyone can add more words to my list above. 

!Step on no petS!


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