The Five Y-E-S-ses we do every year

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Every year we see Y-E-S in the papers, at the malls and a lot of places.. Year end frenzy I call it. But there are more than just that Year end SALE that we have each year..Let's count the five that I have in mind.

1. Y-E-S ~ Year End Scram
     Most families and individuals will use the year end school holidays to go holidaying.. Off they go to Bali, Bandung, UK (United Kingdom/Ulu Kelang), the many islands we have in Malaysia (in the rainy season at that) Paris, Hong Kong... okay, you get the picture. People are going off to holidays all around the country and all around the world. This is particularly true for Malaysians as parents tend to have to schedule their leave around the academic calender. The tourism industry just booms every year end..

2. Y-E-S ~ Year End Score
    Whether you agree or not, most of us do a lot of soul searching just shy of 31st December.. I wonder why... That last week of December, beginning after Christmas up to New Years eve, the most popular question you will hear and see on any social network OR social circle is What's your New Year Resolution for next year? That would actually make you start to think of THIS YEAR"S resolution and the many unchecked boxes you have on THAT list and will start you on a whole new list of the MANY things You want to do but may not DO anyway next year.. Every year, we ALL do that..don't we?

3. Y-E-S ~ Year End Scrimping
    This would be a scenario for parents with children who are already in school or going to school.. Usually involving a family with multiple children going to school at the same time.. As the year comes to a close, all we can think about is $$$$ and how much we need to SPEND for our kids schooling gears(which most probably would only last till mid of 2011 before they need new ones OR SO they think!) and the books they need to have (and may not use throughout the year). Plus the need to pay for School fees, TASKA fees and so many registration fees.. Year End also bring a New Year of all sorts of FEES..

4. Y-E-S ~ Year End Scramble/ Stress
    This involves the many resolutions that people put out for themselves from the beginning of the year. They usually have a way LONG list of things that they MUST do or achieve by December. January steps in and SUDDENLY they find themselves in December with a third (if you are so lucky) of that resolution list fulfilled. And as December comes into its second week, people are starting to sweat seeing that they have so many unfinished "business-es" before 2011 shows up. Thus the Scramble, thus the stress..

5. Y-E-S ~ Year End Suckers
    Somehow people think that when the date changes from 2010 to 2011, the planet we stand on shifts and disappears only to be replaced by another planet with a new landscape, with new buildings plus new friends and neighbors.. It's a new year therefore a new start. The funny thing is when the clock strikes 12 midnight on the 1st of January 2011, we are still standing on the SAME SPOT as we did a minute ago in year 2010. Our friends and families are still the same. Our house is still on the same road, looks pretty much the same as the year before.. So besides a change in date and time, the rest is ironically the same. Our debts are still there and have not disappeared..somehow. AND there are people out there who think that if they do something absolutely idiotic this year, next year that stupidity will not follow them back home..

So truth is a New Year is just another way of saying 
"Hey! Move forward idiot! Time is not gonna stand around for you. Whether you like it or not, the rest of the world is continually in motion.."

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