Parents, your attention please?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear parents,

1) please don't rush to school yet to get your child's imbursement..duit belum sampai sekolah lagi katanya. No matter who said what where.

2) Please don't complain about paying a little extra to the school, the place where your child is getting free education, using free chairs and tables and school utilities, that your child does not how to take care. Schools DO NOT run on air and water only. Everything needs to be paid too.

3) please don't complain about the free books they get every year without fail or the lack of one or two books that they haven't received. Please know that each end of the year your child may lose one or two or three books in school, on the way to school or have mysteriously disappeared throughout the year.

4) please don't complain to the class teacher that your child is getting low marks and not learning well. Please attend to your child and study with them long before any exams. It really helps.

5) please don't ask the teachers to sort your child out as we are not qualified psychologist nor are we therapist to help them correct themselves. We can only show them kindness and listen when necessary. Most times they need you to give them the RIGHT kind of attention.

6) please remember that teachers and the school staffs are still human beings who are prone to emotions. So when your child speaks out of turn to us, we do get hurt and angry. Therefore some repercussion may come in the form of the discipline teacher, who is NOT the BAD guy.

7) please remember to smile and use diplomacy when talking to the teachers and school staffs. Your children mimic whatever they see from you. Politeness and patience are not genetic but hereditic.

8) please remember that you are the first teacher your children have, before the teachers they get in school see and meet them.

Please ponder on the above points so that everyone can live a little happier together.

- yours truly-

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