Cuti sekolah bersejarah untuk Danial..

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its the End of the Year School Holidays again..Time really jets by nowadays. Rasanya baru je tulis entri pasal New Year 2011.. Setahun berlalu. Maids pun came...and went..

Anyway, this holidays is a very historical holiday for my first born. Sebab kali ni, dia kena sunat..yupe, you heard right. Dia kena sunat. My first experience of teman anak kena thinking that I have to do this again in another 8 years time..ok, next round papa dia masuk.

Since he is doing it together with his cousin, takde la anticipation tu teruk sangat. In fact, he was quite excited to be "a man" if... We chose to do it at the hospital under a surgeon's knife rather than dekat klinik or with a laser or a smart clamp. Reasons? I kinda trust the sterile environment in the hospital's OT.. Lagipun, kalau buat kat klinik I think I yang cannot take it..nampak segala wey..takut. Laser...maybe better kot but was not in the options discussed. Smart clamp was out of the question.

So pagi lagi dah masuk ward, prep untuk masuk surgery room. All smiles and jokes. Until the moment the doctor started to inject the anaesthesia. Ok! Agak meraung la jugak masa tu.. Rasa sedih tengok anak sendiri camtu walaupun kekadang marah sampai tak ingat dunia.. The pain was really that much sampai out of the blue dia mintak ampun and maaf from me. Sayu..sayu.. I was relieved when it was all over.

Dah keluar OT, bila bius dah run its course, it was a relief to see him being able to stand the pain. Until masa the doctor came to see the wound...again meraung sebab sakit. Once dah keluar hospital, dok dgn sepupu dia side by side and given the royal treatment, Danial lupa dia kena sunat. Hehe gerakan dengan pantas dan cepat. Jalan cam biasa..adoiii. Mama dia yang panik and takut bentan je budak ni.. Good thing my sis is a doctor, so she did the dressing and cleaning at home.

So mula la pantang dia...2 days later, gi balik klinik. Bukak dressing to let the wound heal itself.. Again, the tears came out. Kesian dia. Sakit sangat agaknya.. But finally free of gauze and plasters.. So no more cleaning and changing to be done, to my relief pulak.

Part makan yang a bit tricky coz i am still trying to see which food yang dia tak boleh consume. Trying a few sebab takut dia tak nak makan. So yesterday masak ikan tenggiri, nampak gaya tak boleh sebab dia rasa gatal lak the whole night. Sian tk boleh tido. Nasib baik ada computer and tv.

Still have a few days to go before fully recovered. Kena la pesan selalu supaya dok diam2. Hopefully he heals quickly and can start his normal routine soon..but I am really thankful they have to do this just once in their lifetime... But, Alhamdulillah! Semuanya dah selesai. Till next child pulak..

- yours truly-

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