Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of the year is back. Time to fork out what cash you have and SPEND! The thing is the spending is not for myself. But for your children and their education and welfare.. So if you have kids, this is about the time you scratch your head and try to balance whatever budget you have. Whether you like it or not. First things first if you have kids between ages 2 months - 6 years old, this would be the time you go searching for nurseries / kindies to take care of them. Nurseries would probably cost 100 RM - 200 RM depending on the area you live in and the brand name you see at their entrance. Same goes for kindies. Though registration fees can go up to 1600RM per child. That would be inclusive of insurance, clothes, books, activities and etc etc.. LOL, guess it's cheaper to send your child to SK than to kindy? Now if you have children who are in school or just starting school next year, your pocket is just beginning to recede dramatically. School uniforms, bags, stationeries, books ( whether they use it or not or whether they lose it on the first day of school or not) would cost you an estimated 500RM per child. This is however a rough estimate. It may cost you more or less depending on the brand name that you buy. So guess what, if you have 3 of them, then you'd have spent 1500 in total.. The older the child gets, the more you spend. Seriously, it does increase woth age. True, there'd probably be things they wouldn't be buying the many times round but there'll surely be new things (necessary things as the bookshop owner will undoubtedly tell you) they will be needing. That isn't the end of it! Come first day of school / kindy, you'll realize you'll have to pay some more. The PIBG donation, school academia funds, magazine, new uniforms esp if your child is socially well adapted in school as they become prefects, PRS's, PSS's, and many other responsibilities with different uniforms.. Of cause, you'll also have the monthly payment for your child's transportation, transit stay between sekolah agama and sekolah harian, your child's expenses... Scratch as hard as you might. If we can pay all that with the dandruffs on our head, I'd more than relieved. But truth is, it gets more expensive to school your child. But it is a necessity that each parent is responsible of. So whether we like it, or have it, we give and give.. However, we don't have to over do it... Remember, your child would probably want new things every new year. So go buy some cheap bag that doesn't break your heart at the counter. Purchase that baju sekolah that does not have well known price tags on it because your child would out grow that one soon and your second child would balk at having to where his/ her siblings cast offs.. Anyway, I have had my scratching dandruff thingy done a few days back.. Still scratching my head till today. For those who are in the same boat as I am, I know how you feel. For those who have gone past this phase of your child's life, I envy you. For those who are still enjoying your child's adorable and cute antics and gestures, do exactly that - enjoy! And don't forget to save up some for when they go to school... - yours truly-

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