The 8088 in a battlefield of techs

Monday, March 12, 2012

A dragon in a world of information and technology..that's how I sometimes see myself..although using dragon as a metaphor is a bit formidable for my current position. Afterall, I am just a teacher.

But the point is I am overwhelmed with the swirl of technology and gadgets rising around me. If I close my eyes, I would probably feel safe and comfortable since the darkness would orientate me to where I used to be and life would be routine and sane. But when I open my eyes and have a peek at what is happening to the world, I'd probably double over and throw up due to the dizziness and the losing sense of direction and orientation..

What with the sofwares upgrades, hardware inventions and reinventions..just trying to keep up with the names is mind blowing.. Even words that I learned as a child has changed its meaning.. Examples?

1. Bus - used to be the transport people take to and from work or between two destination..
Now it is the board and wiring the INFORMATION travels on

2. Cat - is a cat in real life but cat is the sort term for category in technology..meoww?

3. If you have cats, then you will have DOGS - in this case a dog is not a four legged animal but an old busted, out of date pc which is running low in memory..hmmm?

4. 56K /640K - used to be anything with 'k' at the end of it means GOLD, GOLD and GOLD..

5. Battlefield as I know it is where war takes place with weapons and guns and a lot of dead bodies on the ground..yet here we have a battlefield that is clean and a lot less least to the eyes.. Where the 'war' is on the internet.

6. FAT is the old term for overweight, obese, or the likes of it but now it's technically a table..file allocation table..

7. Chips was something I enjoyed eating when watchinga its that thingy they put in the PC...

Not to mention all the acronyms they use - CPM FTP HUD ABC? Even the young gens would write in acronyms all through the message..

Ok, I am an 8088 or dinosaur if you please and sometimes I am a DORK ( which I means I think I know something about computers but in actuality I don't know...enough?)

But I am pretty sure if I use all those words together, they would sound all alien like in a tech convention, huh?

The Fat Cat and the Dog took the BuS to the battlefield. They had chips all the way to the client...

*all the definitions was borrowed from a site dedicated on helping out dinosaurs like me...

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