Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The magic of words and the wonders of imagination is incredibly without borders. Why am I beginning my blog with these words? It's because right this minute I am watching a movie entitled "Limitless". What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? That was the question posed in the movie.

Imagine that? The person who wrote this must have an overactive imagination himself, wouldn't he? To even start writing about the whole story is incredible. Basically in a sentence the story is about how a guy who was a nobody became a smart, respectful and powerfully rich guy after he took pills that uncovered the real potential of his brains. From unknowledgeable useless guy to intellectual brainiac who spoke with confidence and money just comes out of his mouth. Whatever he did or thought would bring him some kind of income.. good income..

So I think what they are trying to portray is
1. When you have knowledge, real knowledge, what you say really matters even if what you say doesn't make any sense to anyone.

2. When you have knowledge, people will come after you .... in a good way and pay for it.

3. When you are ahead, stop before you hurt yourself.

Nothing is limitless except your imagination...

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