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Sunday, April 29, 2012

This was taken and done on the S-Memo in S-Note...

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S Note vs Ipad

Salam to all,

I like gadgets, selectively that is.. I don't try all of them.. just the ones that makes an impression on me.. So right now this two are the closest to me. I am not an expert on the technical part of both gadgets. I am just comparing what I like most about both tools.

First of all, I have been using the ipad for almost half a year now, while the Note has only been used for a week.. But I have to admit, I am enjoying both tools immensely..

This is the Ipad which I use to blog with ( yes I know, not frequently so, but I do anyway ) and to read the books lining up, waiting for me to finish.. Screen size matters afterall.. The Note also has an app that is similar to the ibook..

And this is the S-Note, that I like to use for its Samsung S-Pen. This pen is used to write in this miniature tablet and it is extraordinary.. Well, of course, you cannot compare writing with paper and pen but its stylus is one in a hundred...( not that many in the market yet..in Malaysia anyway..)

And I can make calls with it too.. :)

The operating system for both works beautifully for me as I don't overload either tablets with too many apps.. And though Ipad has made uploading and trying new apps quite difficult, there is a positive side to it.. There's less risk of viruses crashing the system..

Now, the Note is much easily accessed by viruses as it can act as a drive to transfer files around..

Okay.. I am being bugged by my little boy to let him have the ipad right now, hence another huge reason for me to love my Note.. Next post, I might write on the S-pen functionality..and put a video up (maybe) if I have the time.. :)

Cherios for now..till next time, Ahlan Wa Sahlan..

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Dream of a shopaholic..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's in the middle of the night and I am 'melayan-ing' cerita "Confessions of a Shopaholic", alone..for a second time, yet enjoying the movie nonetheless.

But just imagine if we can actually be just that, a shopaholic .. Without the guilt and the headache of money matters..? Wouldn,t it be so much fun to just take this and take that and not care about the bills? Buy that, go here and fly there.. Ride a two wheel mean machine to anywhere you want to go.. Splurge on everything imaginable...

If that happens, I would probably have a room just for my shoes, a room for my handbags and a room for my gadgets too. Shoes will be organized by color, handbags by size and gadgets (plus accessories) by ... Tak boleh fikir lak right now.. Tu belum lagi pasal travelling in, out and about the world..staying in the best places..

Sigh, seronoknya..oopss, movie ended. An hour of dreaming of extreme yet 'minute' (maybe for now..hey, who knows, kan?) possibilities.. Hoping I will dream of it soon..what else can I do..at the moment anyway.. :P

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Wordless Wednesday #6

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am a little of everything I have to admit..

I am posting this 30 minutes earlier but it will be Wednesday soon enough..

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