Kids and their favourite shows..what's yours?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Before having kids of my own, I have always had several stories I like to watch over and over...and over again.. For example? Haha, where shall I begin? Maybe that will be the next post.. Yupe, what I wanted to share is after four kids, you kind of have a 'short' list of movies of stories that one way or another sticks with you over the years.. Stories that your kids see enough times that you can actually see in your mind the scenes whenever you hear the dialogs/script..

1. My first-born was a huge fan of The One and Only -

Almost had to learn Japanese to translate what he said..He can even sing the introduction tune well!

2. My first daughter - what was I thinking when I introduced that darn purple dino to her...

Yeahaaa! 'Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination.....'

3. My second Princess - that's a clue...dainty, very particular about her taste in things and never liked crowdy places

I think we saw almost every single movie that Barbie had...and each one we saw several times..triple the several actually..

4. And my youngest is now going through a craze about ....

CARS!! We watch it everyday without a miss... Help?

Well, whatever it is, enjoying them I am..without regrets. :)

I wonder,......what was yours or your kids'?

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