Last 3 weeks of school holidays

Monday, December 16, 2013

Year 2014 is approaching, faster than I can imagine. Nothing for me to do but wait for its impact. But whilst December is still here, some review perhaps is due. What has December brought me?

1. Work.
     Yupe, not house work but work.. In another couple of days meetings will commence and organising and planning for year 2014 starts in earnest.. The whole of me is pretty much still in denial that November is over. So you all know where I stand on this...

2. Friends
    Yes, meeting friends, catching up with friends, reunions.. all the strolling down Memory Lane..It is a two way blade. It made me feel young again yet it also made me feel old. I never thought being to a reunion can be such a bitter sweet experience. I had so much fun, but as age would do to you, the feeling of sadness creeps up too. It made me realise I am happy for the memories, and sad that there were not more. I couldn't recall some..errr fairly a huge part of it. It is all bits and pieces, here and there..and trying to make them whole and full just gave me a headache..Hence, being around old friends kept the memory somewhat complete. I am just thankful for that - FRIENDS.

3. Crafting
    My passion. I managed to make some wonderful amigurumis. Managed to give my friends their orders on time. Though I have more to do, I will have to schedule it in somewhere..

4. Year End Crazy
    Now begins the rush of buying stuffs for school. Uniforms, Stationeries, Accessories, Books, Bags, Shoes and what not. Just the mention of it made me see flying ringgit in my eyes. Oh well, they come they go..they never stay too long anyway.

That's about it. Something mundane perhaps but here it is anyway.

Au Revoir.

KISS Silly Ole Bear

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Do not be shocked by the title. Nothing X-rated in my post today. Just to share my teddy crocheted following a pattern from fiberdoodles, a very creative crocheter actually.. So I fell in love with her ami-ies and had bought the pattern for Silly Ole Bear. Hence I can only share her site and not her pattern here.

But this is what I produced and I am so happy with it..
..and I know many little and big Silly Ole Bear will come and play..


3 weeks of Cuti Sekolah 2014

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Minggu pertama cuti sekolah, saya terima parcel yang di tunggu-tunggu...Sebenarnya ada a few packages yang sangat di harap-harapkan kedatangannya.

  1. Benang2 mengait and jarum mengait Amure ( sama kategori dengan Luxury Cars dalam dunia crochet and knitting ni)
    Yarn Crazy..two from 4 boxes yang ada..muahaha
  2. Rainbow Loom / Twist Bandz dan getah2 nya. (no pictures...sorry)
  3. Finally, my supplements. Vivix and Lecithin.
Bila sampai, berturut-turut dia sampai..Sure jiran sebelah kata busynyer makcik ni bila cuti sekolah tiba. Haha. Abaikan.

Now ni tengah enjoying all three at home..amidst four squabbling kids.. What can I say but... Alhamdulillah.

Crocheted Owl Ear Flaps and matching gloves

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I finally finished a set of winter earflaps and a pair of mitts for a friend. Last week I had purchased the yarn for her (specifically wool) and started on a pattern that I found on the internet here..It was easy and I loved it. The pattern had a number of sizes to follow. I just had to adjust the size of my needle to fit the pattern and I think the final product is amazing. Kudos to the original designer..

As for the mitts, I followed a pattern from here... All in all, I do hope the owner of these ear flaps and mitts are happy with what I have done..especially the gloves... 

One done. Now for a couple more to get done with.


Random Thoughts 2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yesterday was a very productive day for me...intelectually actually. Had attended a seminar on Integrity.

At first I was a reluctant participant seeing that it was a Saturday morning and I had to leave my kids at home.

However, as I sat through it, listening to the Speaker talking about integrity and what it essentially meant, I learnt a few things.

1. Integrity is what good you do when no one else is looking..

2. Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one else is doing it.

3. Integrity does not grow on is passed through education at home and in schools..over many years, until it has become second skin to an individual.

There are some other points that can be made with integrity..but i shall stop here for now...

Random thought

Spending some 'me' time so I thought this would be a good time to do some updating in my blog. Since there hasn't been any posts for a year now, time for me to do something here.

Six months ago l picked up a hobby l loved doing on and off in the past. Perhaps l should let the pictures do the talking.

(If l can post the pictures via this apps that is)


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Been a year since i wrote in here. I didn't even realise that my blog had been hijacked by my blog email. Aiyoo!

The banes of auto subsribing to newsletter and updates on sales and what not.. Hadoi..

I cleared most of my junk posts yet i was quite surprised to see that those posts were the ones getting higher hits than my writings..

Does that mean i need to shut up more and sell things more? People love to shop obviously. =) Anyway after such a long hiatus, i hope to come back more often now and talk about my latest craze...

See u soon.

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