At the Hospital.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Spending the night in Hospital Sg Buloh. My better half is ill. He was feeling so much pain that he agreed to go to the clinic nearby. Where the doctor promptly sent us off to the emergency room with a letter.

Sampai Hospital 10.30 pm. Fuhhh...ramai la manusia dalam bilik rawatan. Yang bagusnya hospital sekarang, kawasan ER ni dah di bahagi pada zon2 warna. Hijau, kuning and merah. And then you have the criticals. Yang ramai ni kat zon hijau sebab kat zon ni ramai dtg dan boleh balik lepas dicheck dan ambik ubat.

Yang peliknya, ramai2 kat zon kuning ni rupanya peneman org yang betul2 sakit. Contohnya... Seorang lelaki sakit. Tapi yang duduk menunggu 3 orang ahli keluarga yang segar dan sihat.
Itu belum lagi kira yang bawak anak kecik yang tak sakit gi ER tu. Adoii... Tak risau ke anak tu di tengah tengah orang yg sakit.

So anyway kitorang ni doctor dah jumpa and dah diagnose. Hubby kena warded and awaiting his minor surgery. Sebab he has appendicitis. And here we are dalam wad lelaki 4 in a room. Entering the ward at 1.40 am with the rest of the occupants asleep.

And here i am unable to sleep walaupun penat dan ngantuk sebab one of the patient is sleeping so industriously he is emitting quite the noise. Another one is in pain and keeps calling out for his wife to help him.. And if that wasn't bad enough, i think when we arrived and with the interruptions from the nurses and doctor on call, we woke the one remaining patient. Who happens to love listening to music aloud ( i am betting it is to drown the snoring from the bed next to him). Hah!

So wish me luck. Hoping my hubby gets to do his ops asap and that i can leave him rested at 5 am nanti so that i can rush back home to see my children off to school. The doctor had come and explained procedures and risks of the ops to a groggy person and signed the necessary documents. Thank goodness i was lucid, at least.

Ok. Gonna stop here for now. Will update when i get the chance. Tata.


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